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As We Grow, So Will Freeport Wireless Internet!
In the future we plan on giving you even more speed as Freeport Wireless Internet continue to grow.

Freeport Customers Enjoy Super Fast High Speed Internet Right from your own home.
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Always On, Always Fast, Wireless Internet Service
Only $39.95 per month.

If your speed is going to increase, shouldn't the price increase at the same rate? Luckily for Freeport residents, that's not the case. The monthly fee for most residential broadband services hovers right around $45, which
is more than the combined cost of dialup service and a second phone line.
FreeportWireless Internet High Speed Broadband Service is not much more than regular dial up access.

Freeport Wireless Internet Offers....

· Always On Service
· Access Live Music, Video and TV
· Make Internet Phone Calls
· No Phone Line Needed
· No Busy Signals
· Wep Key Encryption For Protection
· Fast Internet For Everyone
· Unlimited Email Accounts
· Free Spam Protection For Everyone

Freeport Wireless Internet
Freeport Wireless Internet
Advanced High Speed Wireless Internet